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In Feed (Animal Nutrition)

Lecithin is used in feeding of farm and domestic animals. Lecithin play an important role in animal nutrition; it improves the digestibility of the feed fats and fat-soluble vitamins.

It enhances nutrition effect in poultry and fish farming. Its special properties promote the health of the animals and increase the profitability of agricultural livestock farming.

Optimized feed utilization results in faster and stronger growth with improved animal health.

  • Lecithin is also an important factor in the rearing of chicken to enhances the gain in body weight and improves the digestion of the nutrients
  • Fish farming can also benefit in many ways from lecithin in the feed mix or as an admixture in fat to improves the growth rate and the utilisation of feed
  • The addition of lecithin promotes the rearing of many species that are commercially available as seafood
  • Lecithin is also an important ingredient in pet foods - from dogs, cats and small animals to ornamental birds